Конья Здание Продается

Продается €535,000
Серийный номер BB15612
На стадии строительства
крытая площадь: 1118m²
Участок: 1067m²
The property is an incomplete two storey residential block developed into two adjacent plots, located in Konia, Pafos. The designs are for 11 residential units and two retail units and parking places. The area is considered to be an attractive residential one due to its close proximity to the city center, pleasant views and access to the surrounding area. The structural frame has been developed without having acquired a building permit. At a later stage additional structural related works were commenced. Mechanical and Electrical provisions have yet to be implemented externally and a lift shaft must be developed by modifying one of the two staircases. These factors have all been factored into the asking price. The property is zoned Eβ & Kα6α (Residential) with a building density of 90%, coverage of 50% and maximum height of 10m over 3 floors.

Характеристики недвижимости

Крытая парковка
Не облагается НДС
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